Operation:NetTalk Entry#012

News stories that interested me today…

Oregon Man Arrested For Using Stun Gun on 18-Month Old Son

(ALBANY) – A 21-year old mother contacted the Albany Police Department Saturday afternoon to report child abuse allegations against her husband.

She told officers that her husband, 23-year old Rian James Whittman, shot her 18-month old son repeatedly with a stun gun causing injury.

The investigation revealed that Rian James Whittman used a 100,000 volt stun-gun device multiple times on his 18-month old son over an approximately 3-week period.

The child was taken to Samaritan Albany General Hospital where he was examined and treated for injuries from the stun-gun. (Salem News)

Google me, Google you

I, Richard Chin, am a newspaper reporter and the writer of this article.

But did you know that I’m also a judge in Massachusetts, a Rhodes scholar, a squash pro, a martial arts expert and a male model?

Actually not me, but other people named Richard Chin.

I know this because I engage in an activity that bored, vain, self-centered, insecure people like me are prone to indulge in.

In other words, I Google myself. (Red Orbit)

A loo worth skipping too


Roto-Rooter is offering an online sweepstakes for its “Pimped Out John,” a bathroom throne for the gadget junkie. The fully loaded Kohler commode comes with a Philips 20-inch LCD TV; Star Wars DVD; Xbox 360; Philips DVD player; Gateway EMachine laptop with robot arm, iPod with docking station equipped with a toilet paper dispenser; TiVo; stocked Avanti refrigerator with beer tap; magazine rack and subscriptions to Sports Illustrated, ESPN and GQ; bike pedal exerciser; cup warmer/cooler and Roto-Rooter emergency service button.

Credit: Roto-Rooter


Google Earth prompts Indian fears

Citing security worries the Indian government has asked Google to reduce the detail in a selection of images. The government is drawing up a list of places it considers sensitive, which is expected to include military bases and government buildings.

Many other areas in Google Earth have been blurred by governments keen to stop people seeing sensitive sites. (BBC News)

Two Skeletons Push Primates Closer to Dinosaur Era

Two newly reported complete skeletons of primates show that this group that includes humans’ closest relatives such as chimps and lemurs is 10 million years older than scientists previously thought, pushing our earliest ancestors even closer to the Age of Dinosaurs.


This discovery, the most primitive known skeleton of a primate, extends the primate record by a big chunk of geologic time and changes the prevailing view of how primate traits evolved.

“It’s sort of a window into what the earliest primates would have looked like,” said study author Jonathan Bloch of the Florida Museum of Natural History. (Live Science)

I Hate Macs

Unless you have been walking around with your eyes closed, and your head encased in a block of concrete, with a blindfold tied round it, in the dark – unless you have been doing that, you surely can’t have failed to notice the current Apple Macintosh campaign starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb, which has taken over magazines, newspapers and the internet in a series of brutal coordinated attacks aimed at causing massive loss of resistance. While I don’t have anything against shameless promotion per se (after all, within these very brackets I’m promoting my own BBC4 show, which starts tonight at 10pm), there is something infuriating about this particular blitz. In the ads, Webb plays a Mac while Mitchell adopts the mantle of a PC. We know this because they say so right at the start of the ad. (Guardian Unlimited)

Doctors mistakenly amputate baby’s arm and shoulder joint

A criminal case was filed in the Krasnodar region of Russia against a group of doctors, who caused severe bodily damage to a little girl aged only two months. The surgeons mistakenly amputated the girl’s right arm. (Crazy News)


Beheaded Ronald MacDonald Statue Found

– A Ronald McDonald statue taken from a family’s York County home last month was found beheaded in a wooded area over the weekend. The statue owned by the Grieger family disappeared January 15th. On Thursday, Joy Grieger found its severed head returned to her family’s Stewart stown property, complete with X’s drawn over its eyes. Police say the rest of the 300-pound statue turned up in Hopewell Township on Saturday. Grieger used to work at a McDonald’s, and her family adopted the statue decades ago. Police say the family did not know anything about its whereabouts until its cement head showed up on their lawn last week. The Griegers say they plan to offer a 500 dollar reward for information leading police to the culprits. Associated Press Article





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