Operation:NetTalk Entry#016

February 13, 2007

What application do you use to store and organize your photos?

I use Picasa on my PC and iPhoto on the mac. Each work reasonably well. Recently I found an application that not only stores and organizes your photos, but does it in an unique way. It’s called Photopolis.


What is Photopolis?

Photopolis is a new way to experience your photo collection. Photopolis extracts the date you took your photo. Then it assembles the photos that were taken in a week as a “house”. Out of 4 houses a month is created and so on. The result is a checker-board arrengement of houses in a city. The straight streets represent years, the cross streets months. Because of this arrangement you can for example view your Christmas photos of all the years by walking along the “December” street.

Photopolis is available for PC and mac. So if this application seems of interest to you, you can find it here.


Operation:NetTalk Entry#011

February 4, 2007

Once again I want to talk about a neat Firefox extension. I came across Sage this morning while searching for a RSS reader that I enjoy using, not one that I have to learn to live with. In the past I’ve used Thunderbird, Google Reader and a few other’s. None of which worked the way I wanted them to.


What does Sage do?

  • Reads RSS (2.0, 1.0, 0.9x) and Atom feeds
  • Newspaper feed rendering customizable via style sheets
  • Feed Discovery
  • Integrates with Firefox’s bookmark storage and Live Bookmarks
  • Imports and exports OPML feed lists
  • Technorati and RSS search engine integration
  • Support for a number of locales: Argentine Spanish, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Swedish
  • Simple, one step install / uninstall

If Sage sounds appealing to you, give it a try.

Operation:NetTalk Entry#001

January 20, 2007

In this first entry I want to mention a neat Firefox extension that enables you to download and save flash video that you come across while surfing the net. It’s called Download Helper. You can find it at: downloadhelper.net After installing the extension and restarting Firefox you’ll notice a symbol on the top of you’re open windows. When it detects video that can be downloaded it begins to spin. By clicking the arrow you can choose to save the file as is or rename for easy locating later.

Below is a list of apps I like to use if you wish to convert and view the .flv files.

iSquint.com (conversion app for Mac)

wimpyplayer.com (a flv player for Mac)

anyvideoconverter.com (a conversion app for Windows)

FLVplayer.com (a flv player for Windows)

All of these apps are free.

Here are a few of the sites I like to visit that uses flash video.